Our people are the life of this company. Together, we build life into the kitchen.


We are a nationwide team, designing and manufacturing the most comprehensive choice of kitchen cabinets in the United States Our shared purpose is to bring the kitchen to lifethe place where people spend such a meaningful part of their personal and family lives, and the true heart of any home.  

The seven commitments we’re making to you.

You are the life of this company, and you deserve a career that’s satisfying, rewarding and worthwhile. That’s why we’re standing behind seven commitments. Some we’re doing today, others are a work in progress, and all of them point to a future we can be proud oftogether. 


Make your voice heard.

We care about what you care about. If you have any questions about our commitments or the future of Cabinetworks Group, just ask.

Thank you for being a part of what we're building.

- John Barkhouse