How To Enter a Custom Quote into 2020 Design

Once you have received a Custom Quote acknowledgment, the quote must be entered into 20-20 in order to submit as an order.

This is accomplished by completing the following steps.

  1. With your design open in 20-20, enter ‘CQ-’ in the quick search bar and choose from the resulting list the SKU that most closely matches the type and size of the cabinet you have custom quoted.

  2. Drag the CQ-SKU you have chosen onto your plan and place in the appropriate location.

  3. Right click on the CQ cabinet on your floor plan and choose Attributes from the resulting menu.

  4. Select the General tab and add the Custom Quote Number you received from the Custom Quote department into the Description field (see first screen shot)

  5. Next, click the Variable tab, and click on Price to display all price groups.

  6. Scroll down to the Price Level you have selected and enter the price you received on your Custom Quote (see second screen shot).

  7. Click Apply and OK.

You may also modify the dimensions and the configuration of the CQ cabinet to more closely match cabinet you have custom quoted. Finally, please remember to sign your Custom Quote and fax it back to Customer Care.

Screen shot of 2020 showing where to enter Custom Quote numbers
How To Enter a Custom Quote into 2020 Design

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How To Enter a Custom Quote into 2020 Design