Mercury Ordering System

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Mercury gives you powerful tools that will allow you to view, enter and place orders quickly and easily.

Help Pages

Use Mercury To Inquire About Orders:
It’s an electronic inquiry program that allows customers to view the orders they have on file with Medallion, regardless of how they were sent (fax or electronic)

Use Mercury To Enter Orders:
It’s an electronic order entry process tool that allows our customers to send us orders they keyed via the internet.

Use Mercury To Validate Orders:
When you validate your order, it checks the items against the Medallion database to insure your order is accurate. Mercury can be used as a quoting tool to give you accurate pricing.

Use Mercury To Submit Orders:
Mercury is an electronic order submittal program from the customer’s current kitchen design software. Current design software options available are 20-20 Design versions 6.x and 8.x.

Mercury Ordering System

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Mercury Ordering System