Pipe Chase Modification Form

The Pipe Chase modification allows a two or three-sided vertical notch to be cut into the back of a wall, base, tall or vanity base cabinet.
  • Dimensions are limited to 1⁄16" increments.
  • PLYBOX (plywood cabinet case construction) is required on cabinets specifying the pipe chase modification.
  • This modification includes addition of solid top for base and vanity base cabinets.
  • If pipe chase interferes with functional drawers, drawers will be eliminated. False fronts will replace functional drawers.
  • Dotted lines on drawings represent shelf configuration.
  • Horizontal pipe chases and pipe chases for corner cabinets are not available but will be considered through a Custom Quote request.
Please select notch option and complete form with intended A, B and C dimensions.
2-Sided Notch Pipe Chase Dimensions

  • For left notch A = zero, see Example 1. Minimum dimension of C is 1 3/4".
  • For right notch C = zero, see Example 2. Minimum dimension of A is 1 3/4".
  • Minimum dimension of B is 1 3/4", maximum is 4 1/2" from front of cabinet case.
2-Sided Notch Pipe Chase
3-Sided Notch Pipe Chase Dimensions
  • Minimum dimension of A, B and C is 1 3⁄4".
  • Maximum dimension of B is 4 1⁄2" from front of cabinet case.
3-Sided Notch Pipe Chase

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Pipe Chase Modification