Design-Craft, Medallion, Yorktowne Ops Update

The American economy continues to recover, with many sub-sectors of the home improvement industry seeing especially robust activity. Incoming order volumes at many of our cabinetry plants are returning to near normal levels, with some plants even experiencing unexpected, but welcome, spikes. These evolving circumstances necessitate maintaining fluid operations. As a result, lead times are being slightly extended for Design-Craft, Medallion, and Yorktowne. We expect this to be only a minor slowdown of our momentum in returning to regular operations.

If you have any questions or concerns about how this change may impact current or upcoming orders, please get in touch with our Account Management or Customer Care teams today.

All recent news can be found on our Current Operations Status page. The latest updates are noted in bold text. If you have not already done so, please bookmark this page in your web browser for future reference.

Your understanding and continued support during these extraordinary times are truly appreciated.


Larry Denbrock
President & Chief Revenue Officer