Weekly Ops Update – 5/26/2020

I hope you and your family were able to enjoy a restful holiday weekend. With Memorial Day now behind us, we look toward summer with optimism.
As our plant staff continues to work toward restoring lead times, we maintain operational responsiveness to current realities. As such, a few lead times have been slightly extended. However, most have been improved, while some lead times have returned to normal!
We are very encouraged by these positive changes, and hope they will enable you to better meet the needs of your customers and close more sales. Visit our Current Operations Status page to see all of today’s updates. Lead times are monitored daily, and we will let you know of any changes.
Please remember, we are here to help! Account Managers, Care, and Logistics team members are available to answer questions and provide support. Do not hesitate to reach out. 
Thank you for your continued support. Your business and your on-going partnership are greatly appreciated.
Larry Denbrock
President & Chief Revenue Officer