Lead Times Return to Normal for Merillat Classic & QualityCabinets

Thanks to our diligent operations leaders and plant staff, I am able to share great news today. Merillat Classics and QualityCabinets lead times have returned to normal! Additionally, lead times for Merillat Basics and QualityCabinets WoodStar have been improved by another two days. These latest updates are noted in bold text on our Current Operations Status page.
If your customers are planning to receive their new cabinetry by Christmas, we encourage you to place your orders as early as possible. With holiday closures and increased shipment volume across the U.S., lead times may fluctuate slightly throughout the season.
Please get in touch with our Account Management or Customer Care teams today if you have questions or concerns regarding any current or upcoming orders.
Your business and your on-going partnership are greatly appreciated.

Larry Denbrock
President & Chief Revenue Officer